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The Bouji bars have 21 grams of protein, the muffins have 24 grams of protein, and they have omega 3, amino acids, and high fiber. The Biotin, kale & Spinach, Vitamin C from Bamboo, Spirulina, Tremella, Mushroom, Minerals, and Peptides from Fermented Rice.


Bouji Bean is proud of its main product line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and benefits of its core products to its customers include that we offer healthy and delicious organic vegan options at a reasonable price. The strengths of this core products are shelf lite, durability and made to order the finest quality ingredients
Our Bouji Vegan Coffee Cakes Line is bouji and rich in taste. Our cakes are 100% vegan, homemade with Organic, fresh, and the finest ingredients available. Our Bouji Coffee Cakes are craftily created and prepared by vegans. We are exceptionally proud of the amount of love, time, and effort in the development of our products. Our coffee cakes are infused with coffee or you can order without the coffee. We are approved and tested by The Boujiies. For optimal freshness, all cakes are made the same day the order is placed. All orders are shipped the next day. NO cancellations once the cakes are made. If there are any questions regarding your order please contact us at 1800-883-2841.