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That is for Bouji Brew is better than a drip of coffee.  We are a whole body, mind and soul awaking.  We are nature in your cup.

Bouji Bean a supreme clean, lean vegan bean. Our Coffees, Non contaminated, Roasted with exquisite taste, sophistication, & Elegance.

Bouji Bean boastful in Flavor, Exquisite In Taste, and Superior in quality

A good brew begins with Bouji Brew, a nature in your cup.

The best bouji brew for you should start with high expectations. Choosing your personal choice of roast, grinding accordingly, brewing style, your water choice, and water temperature.
The Healthiest Cup is Bouji in your cup.

Drinking a healthy cup of coffee has been associated with many great health benefits. Coffee has been associated with reduced the risk of certain cancers, such as liver cancer, colon cancer in women, as well as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and even strokes. In addition, while drinking three cups a day decreases that same risk by 13 percent.  5 to 8 oz of coffee is where you gain more benefits from drinking coffee.

Many  of these health benefits are contributied to polyphenols, plant-based compounds found in coffee beans. Polyphenols have been proven to support digestive health, brain health and help protect against heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Bouji decaffinated coffee offers  great Health benefits you are not left out.

The Healthiest Way to Brew Coffee
After selecting your choice of bouji bean, the next step is to grind them properly. You want to grind your coffee just before brewing, because otherwise the contact with the air causes oxidation.

The main benefit of grinding the beans yourself is controlling how finely you grind them. you can use a pour over-method, which also uses a pretty fine grind. Making pour-over coffee also involves uboth unfiltered coffee drinkers and non–coffee drinkers. This could be due to the fact that coffee brewed without a filter contained as much as 30 times more cholesterol-raising compounds than filtered cofffee

The last component in brewing the healthiest cup of coffee is the water temperature. Ideally, it should be just below boiling, between 195 to 205 degrees F, for optimal extraction. underextracted coffee (you won’t get all those key nutrients), while if it’s too hot, the flavor will taste burned. Don’t have a thermometer? Wait 30 seconds after the water boils to pour, and the temperature should be perfect.

The healthiest way to drink your coffee is black, and if you start with Bouji Bean  Boastful in flavorful, high quality, supreme bean and exquisite in taste, you shouldn’t need to add anything. The absolute healthiest cup of coffee is nature  in your cup. Sit back, relax put your finger up and enjoy your cup.  You deserve the best in your cup.